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The Enviroheat heat pump hot water systems is produced by the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, this heat pump hot water system was initially introduced into Europe over a decade ago and has proven performance in temperatures as low as -7°C. It offers the best performance of any system in its class with up to a massive 71% saving in energy when compared to a conventional water heater. Enviroheat is the sister brand to Envirosun solar hot water systems

The Enviroheat hot water heater also is equipped with a Boost feature is also added for rapid heating when you have extra people in your home, so you will never go without hot water

The ENVIROHEAT system has undergone rigorous testing and has been certified by the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator and suits perfectly to the Perth climate.

Enviroheat Heat Pump

The ENVIROHEAT HP (heat pump) series has an advanced control system that is feature packed and above all, easy to use. It can be programmed to maximize the use of rooftop PV solar power systems whilst not compromising a plentiful supply of steaming hot water when you need it at the push of a button, there is no external timers needed in your switch board with an Enviroheat. The automatic sanitisation feature ensures that your family is safe from legionella and other water borne bacteria’s, now that’s something most other brands haven’t thought of, and gives you complete protection for you and your family, simply a heat pump hot water system that has been designed to be reliable yet has extra the features that make it SMART

The combination of whisper quiet operation, smart controls, superior UV protection and generous government rebates makes ENVIROHEAT the natural choice for an energy efficient home.

To understand the concept of heat pump hot water systems, imagine a refrigerator working in reverse. While a refrigerator removes heat from an enclosed box and expels that heat to the surrounding air, a heat pump takes the heat from surrounding air and transfers it to water in an enclosed tank.

Enviroheat Heat Pump

Heat pump technology makes efficient use of the heat in the surrounding air,even at temperatures as low as -7°C. The Enviroheat heat pump hot water system is so efficient that it can convert 1kW of electricity into over 4kW of heat, giving you a power saving of over 70%. Energy efficient hot water systems are increasing becoming more eco friendly using less power to heat water volume and that equals less carbon emissions. Heat pump hot water systems are great to decrease your carbon foot print.

When considering the purchase price of a standard electric hot water system to a Enviroheat heat pump less the STC credit the break even time is less than 3 years for the average family. Over the life of a hot water system this will give you a electricity saving in excess of $6000 compared to a standard electric hot water system

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The micro-channel condensers has larger contact surface for better heat transfer performance and less refrigerant consumption. Enviroheat Heat Pumps are exceptional in recovery heating times


Specially designed for Enviroheat heat pumps to maximise efficiency.


Extra bottom coil design enlarges the total heat exchange area to deliver more hot water and contributes to better efficiency on Enviroheat heat pumps


To understand the concept of how an Enviroheat heat pump works, imagine your refrigerator / freezer working in reverse. While a refrigerator / freezer removes heat in the closed box and expels that heat to the surrounding air, a Heat Pump takes the heat from surrounding air and transfers it to water in the hot water storage tank

Enviroheat heat pump technology makes the efficient use of heat in the surrounding air, even at temperatures as low as -7C. In fact the Enviroheat heat pump hot water system is so efficient that it can convert 1kW of electricity into over 4kW of heat.

  1. The fan draws in the air containing heat energy, across an evaporator

  2. The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into gas

  3. The Enviroheat compressor pressurises the refrigerant liquid into hot gas

  4. The hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the tank

  5. The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after expansion & continues back to the evaporator for the process to start all over again

The ENVIROHEAT hot water system is the perfect partner for your roof top PV solar system.

Weather you have already installed Solar power or are considering to do it in the future, the clear choice to ensure a low energy home is installing a ENVIROHEAT hot water system

Our advanced control system is equipped with an automatic timer that allows you to maximise the usage of your solar power generating power. A second timer allows for an early morning boost to ensure you never run out of hot water.

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